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PEL and Zhongshan Bolian Electronic Co. Ltd. are fully experienced in product development, design and production. For providing with best service and performance, we continuously import latest information technology and state-of-the-arts machinery from Japan, United States, Taiwan and Hong Kong to develop new products.


We have multiple production lines with skillful workers and technical equipments to be a qualified manufacturer. Our engineer teams are well-trained and experienced with both software and hardware. They actively participate in related research with associated corporation unit. In the part of office networking, we facilitate with Operating System and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for networking management. These systems allow different departments communicate each other and run more effectively and efficiently. We combined all these elements to be one of the leading electronics companies in Hong Kong.



We are the best solution to your needs for electronic design and assembly. With 15 years of experience, we have developed our manufacturing skills in a wide range of products. These products are electrical music accessories, telephone recorders, digital compass & watch, infrared sensor, doorbell, etc..

In addition, our strong R&D staffs and engineers are well-trained and experienced with many kinds of computer software, state of the art instruments and machinery for products development. Our engineers are able to design different kinds of products with high quality for our customers and get positive feedback from them.

R & D


For a company, new product strategy development involves defining the role for a new product in terms of the firm's overall corporate objectives. This step in the new product process has been added to provide a needed focus for ideas and concepts developed in later stages.


In 1998, we established Capital Perfect Limited (CPL), which is affiliated to PEL. CPL emphasizes on R & D stage, and listens to our customers' needs. R& D is another source of new products in a firm's basic research. Our R& D team is well-experienced in development breakthroughs have led to innovative products, and its ability to manufacture. We believe that professional R & D also provides new product ideas. These product ideas that survive the business analysis proceed to actual development, turning the idea on paper into a prototype. This results in a demonstrable, producible product in hand. We understand that the technical complexity of the development stage, which involves not only manufacturing the product but also performing product, becomes an important element.