Perfect Electronic Limited


The Company


Perfect Electronic Limited (PEL) was established in 1992 with full ambition to be one of the best ODM/OEM manufacturers. Our general office is based in Hong Kong and takes up the role in sales and marketing, research and development, purchasing, and shipping. PEL is rapidly developed with staffs increased from 5 to 16 staffs in 1998. In 2002, we invested over USD 5 million in setting up our factory, Zhongshan Bolian Electronic Co., Ltd. in Guangdong, China. Our covers 140,000 sq. ft. and it is fully equipped. At the same time, we invested in some state-of-the-art machinery for shorten the production time and improve product quality. 





Since its establishment, PEL's core mission has mainly been focused on customers' satisfaction and providing them with the latest and most advanced technology available in the market. Linked with our dedication to support our customers through after-sales network, customers are assured of all round satisfaction.



Management Philosophy


The belief of Management Philosophy will lead us to success. We believe:


  • Our staffs are the most valuable resources and their participation enhance the decision making process. 

  • In accurate, open and pertinent communication of information exchange. 

  • Constantly develop and improve technologies that will attract global attention and emphasize product quality performance. 

  • In responding to the customer's needs in accordance with market trends. 

  • In improving operating efficiency and ensure the profits necessary for the continuation and growth of the business.

We Experience In...


PEL and Zhongshan Bolian Electronic Co. Ltd. are fully experienced in product development, design, and production. For providing with best service and performance...

Factory in China


We owned a 140,000 square feet factory in Zhongshan, mainly using automatic system line to maintain efficiency in production...